Lodge Averon Fundrasing

“The three tenets of a Freemason’s profession are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth”

These 3 tenets have been practiced by Freemasons the world over for time immemorial. It’s a corner stone of Freemason beliefs. We pride ourselves in our truth, our honour and our virtue.

As such Lodge Averon has been raising funds for our local community for over 115 years.  We neither seek, ask, nor expect to receive recognition for our work.

However it does require that we are healthy as a lodge to allow us to continue to support our community and individuals in need.  The Lodge is the engine that drives the support for our local Community.  Your local community.

So please help us continue for the next 100 years.

Why not visit our Easyfundraising site. Where simply, by shopping as you would normally do online, will generate a donation. You need not be a Freemason to do this. Just go to Lodge Averon EasyFundraising and register.

Or our Easy Search site, you could earn us a .05p donation simply by using the search engine as you would do with Google. In fact it uses Google. You can find details on the Lodge Averon Easy Fundraising Web site.


webmaster@lodgeaveron.co.uk and we will mail you back the details to get started.Why not visit lodge Averons personal easyfundraising website. Click on the link below it will take you to our site and explain what it is all about and how to join in 3 easy steps.

Lodge Averon866 easyfundraising.

You don’t need to be a member of Lodge Averon, anyone and everyone can help us support our local community. We guarantee every penny finds its way back into the local community.